Sunday, August 18, 2013

Extremely Hot Book Review

Extremely Hot
Jennifer Apodaca
Publisher: Brava
Publishing date: November 4, 2007



Book Description


The rules according to Ivy York: never trust a bad boy; never make decisions with your libido; and, disregard rules no. 1 and 2.Ivy York became an accountant because numbers don't lie and cheat. Too bad the same can't be said of the men she's met. Now, as the wildly successful host of the radio show, "The Economic Sex Hex," she advises women to take control of their money and to spot the bad boys before they get too close. And the ultimate bad boy Sex Hex is the Urban Legend, a man known for lovin' women (exquisitely) and leavin' while chasing down stolen property for a hefty fee. No one knows who he really is...but every woman he's ever pleasured would happily take him back for more...Luke Sterling likes being the Urban Legend almost as much as he likes bringing thieves to justice. And right now, he's on the trail of two stolen figurines famous for conferring sexual prowess - and the trail leads straight to Ivy. Posing as her personal assistant should be a piece of cake, but Luke didn't count on Ivy's own brand of Sex Hex. That good girl game coupled with fierce smarts wrapped around one luscious, curvy body is making him want to prove to Ivy that the Urban Legend more than lives up to his top billing. Suddenly, the hottest show in town isn't on the air - it's between the sheets...


My Thoughts

‘Extremely Hot’ was a very intriguing story. No matter what Jennifer always seems to capture my heart and my attention. This story was one I couldn’t put down although I would have liked to see Ivy resist the Urban Legend just a tad bit more considering his reputation but then again at first she didn’t really know of it. I really liked how her talk show was about everything she was against and everything she was against turned out to be the man she fell in love with. It was a truly amazing story.

The murder mystery plot really twisted the story up so much that it had me on edge for the whole book! I was just sucked into the book. I had to know who was doing it. Everyone was a suspect in this plot with the way Jennifer wrote it. It was a killer story, pun intended, and I loved it. I would highly recommend it. Frankly at this point I would highly recommend any of Jennifer’s book’s!
* I bought this book of my own accord and decided to review it. All opinions expressed in this review are my own. I did not receive compensation for this review.

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