Monday, May 4, 2015

The Photgrapher Trilogy By Sarah Robinson

The Photographer Trilogy Box Set

Sarah Robinson

Publishing Date: January 1, 2015




Book Description


An Amazon Bestselling Romantic Suspense Trilogy. Includes Tainted Bodies, Tainted Pictures, and Untainted, plus the added bonus of a deleted scene about the Photographer's past.

He takes a picture of every woman he kills.
She takes nothing from anyone.

Kate Jackson is a woman haunted by her past with no direction in life, and surviving only on her close relationship with her sister, Annie. Until she meets charming lawyer, Derrick Kane. Despite having a painful past of his own, he gives Kate everything she could have ever wanted in a lover.

Just when she thinks she might have found the key to learning how to live again, maybe even how to love, The Photographer rips it all away from her with one click of his camera.

Somehow she survived, determined to rise above the trauma life has dealt her. Yet, she doesn't get away that easy, The Photographer isn't done with her yet.

The infamous serial killer begins dropping menacing hints at every turn.

Reminding Kate that he owns her. That he broke her body.

The small, quiet life that Kate had built for herself with Derrick is over. Pulverized by the twisted workings of the notorious serial killer and the agony of being betrayed by the one man she had trusted her heart to. Trust had never come easily to her, yet she had given it to Derrick. And he destroyed her with it.

Kate is a fighter and refusing to allow a sadistic killer to take everything from her yet again, she delves into the police investigation targeting The Photographer and finally revealing his true identity. Kate is fighting for justice while fighting to reclaim the man she loves, and somehow learn to trust him again.

But when an innocent life is on the line, the cost of justice could be more than love can afford. Kate quickly learns that finding the face behind the mask, doesn't make you safe.

Monsters are only uglier in the light of day.

**Please note that there is no cliffhanger at the end of this series and everything is fully wrapped up. This box set also includes a never before read, deleted scene about The Photographer's childhood.

DISCLAIMER: Due to violent and dark subject matter, this story is intended for readers over the age of 18 years old. Those with triggers for sexual abuse or violence should take care of themselves while reading this book. Please note that scenes around that topic are done for a purpose and handled delicately, they are not just included for some thrill or cheap aspect.

My Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed this series. I found the plot to be intriguing, the characters were very relatable, and it was incredibly well written. I think Sarah took a very serious, traumatic situation and told it with great detail, pulling at the heart strings in just the right way.

I really loved the main characters, Kate was very strong willed, even though everything that was happening to her and around her was enough to break a person, she refused to give up. She was a great heroine and I think her story can really help people that have gone through similar difficult situations.

To be honest early on I thought I had it figured out, who the killer was, which if I was correct I would have been disappointed. However this series happily surprised me and I never saw the ending coming. That is a true sign of a suspense story being told correctly.

I think Sarah has an amazing talent for writing and I really enjoyed her books. Her characters are multi-dimensional, and really add all different aspects to the story.  The dialogue was strong and the tension kept the reader intrigued. All around I think all three books were very good and enjoyable.
I look forward to reading more work from Sarah; I believe she is a rare find.

* I bought this book of my own choice and decided to review it. All opinions expressed in this review are my own. I did not receive compensation for this review.