Friday, July 22, 2016

The Seven Year Dress by Paulette Mahurin Book Review

The Seven Year Dress
Paulette Mahurin

Book Description
One of the darkest times in human history was the insane design and execution to rid the world of Jews and “undesirables.” At the hands of the powerful evil madman Adolf Hitler, families were ripped apart and millions were slaughtered. Persecution, torture, devastation, and enduring the unthinkable remained for those who lived. This is the story of one woman who lived to tell her story. This is a narrative of how a young beautiful teenager, Helen Stein, and her family were torn asunder, ultimately bringing her to Auschwitz. It was there she suffered heinous indignity at the hands of the SS. It was also there, in that death camp, she encountered compassion, selfless acts of kindness, and friendship. Written by the award-winning, best-selling author of His Name Was Ben, comes a story of the resilience of the human spirit that will leave you thinking about Helen Stein and The Seven Year Dress for years to come after the last page is shut. 
My Thoughts

What a riveting, emotional, captivating read. Paulette is one author that never disappoints. She has such a talent for taking fact and blending it with fiction in such a way that I have never seen done before. I was immediately captured by the characters she created, they way their stories were told and they way the events unfolded were emotionally devastating. Even though I knew what was to come I still could not stop myself from the emotional outpouring that happened with the characters fate. This book is an absolute must read. I cannot even express how much I believe that everyone should have to read this book it really helps open the eyes on so many terrible acts were hidden and shut out. Light should be shed, knowledge is power, and Paulette brings that power with this riveting novel.

* I received this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed in the review are my own. I did not receive compensation for this review.

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  1. Thank you so much for reading my book and taking the time to write this great review. I'm so grateful for this. Love, Paulette