Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gladiator Book Review

Glenn Langohr


Book Description


Gladiator ( Prison Killers- Book 3 ) Mexican Mafia in motion...

The author, Glenn Langohr spent 10 years inside the most violent prisons in California on drug charges. He paints the culture into words and takes you on a journey into the belly of the beast where in this instance, a gun tower guard instigates a gang war and uses his rifle to fire unholy justice.

B.J struggles to allow his emotions to leave his prison cell in a search for his wife. Then the struggles to survive prison politics begin where races are segregated and violence and gangs are the calling card. Notorious mobster, Bat, has a hit out on him for not paying street taxes...The gun tower guard Hernandez has a hit out on him for staging gladiator wars and B.J is faced with the problem of a race war in between...



My Thoughts


Ok this book was a little bit better than the last one that I read by Glenn but I am still having a lot of issues. I need a book, I consider stories that are this many pages to be either a short story or a novella. This is not a complete book to me. I’m sorry but it’s just not, all of them have been extremely short and I am starting to think that maybe he should have put them all together and they would have made up a book.


Like I said before I like the story, I think it is very informative and he is doing a great thing by speaking out about what happened in prison while he was there. He is exposing who and what is corrupt but I just think it could be done better.


I really do enjoy what he has to say and the story he has to tell but I just feel like a lot of the details are missing and there is not enough to the story. It’s just too short for me and the ending always makes me feel like I was left hanging.


Maybe I am being too harsh but I really want to  like these book and I would just like to see them improved upon.
* I recieved this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own. I did not recieve comepensation for this review.

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