Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Guardian of the Realm Book Review

The Guardian of the Realm
Krystal George
Genre: Fantasy



Book Description:


The Darkness
Taken when she was just seven years old, Esmeralda has very little memory of her life before the Realm. Power has always been her constant companion, protection has been her only goal, and acceptance by the magic she guards has always been her only wish. That is until the darkness comes... and with it comes the one person who can give her the greatest power of all... love.

The Light
Losing his mother at a young age, Eric has always been the responsible one; the strong one. He'd had to be. His sister Kaitlyn had needed him. Now with Kaitlyn missing he is thrown into a world of secrets and deception. A world that until this moment he knew nothing about... a world that he is more a part of than he could have ever known. With darkness descending and time running out, can he become the man he is destined to be? Or will he fail and lose the girl he has come to love?

The Realm
Beyond the doorway is a World of Enchantment and Myth. A world that once entered will grant you any wish your heart may desire... but only if you can get beyond... the Guardian.



My Thoughts:


I really enjoyed ‘The Guardian of the Realm’. It was unlike any faerie tale I have ever read. I have always been interested in faeries ever since I was a little girl and this book really sparked my interest in this genre again. I thought the book was well written and I loved the plot. It took the whole good versus evil and added some extra flair to it. I really loved the way Krystal included not only faeries and humans, but always demons and gremlins. She had all different types of creatures and it was very action packed.


There were plenty of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout this novel. I really loved Essie, she was my favorite character, and something in her really spoke to me. I really love when authors have the ability to make a character do that for someone.  It’s very magical which is quite fitting for this book.


I think Krystal is very talented; she will go far in her writing. She has already shown such dramatic differences in the two novels that I have read by her. If you didn’t know otherwise you would probably think they were written by two different people. Talent like that is rare and I feel rather privileged to have stumbled upon it.


The plot of this novel was brilliant, the characters showed incredible depth and I was greatly impressed with the outcome of this book, I really feared it was a lost cause and Essie was doomed. I was so thrilled that the end was happy.


I love the magical, mystical but yet incredibly dangerously dark world that Krystal created in ‘The Guardian of the Realm’. I am definitely a big fan of this book and I am looking forward to more novels from Krystal George.

* I recieved this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. I did not recieve compensation for this review.


  1. found your blog on GR, love your review, looking forward to talking books with you
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  2. Wow, I might read/review this book next for my new book blog! Thanks for highlighting it!