Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Author Spotlight!!!! Brad Boyer!!!!

Today's author spotlight is Brad Boyer!


I began writing about 15 years ago as a hobby but never thought about doing it for a living. But as I completed more and more novels, I started to wonder if I could be truly good at it, to be able to keep up with so many other great authors. So, I began to slowly release them as ebooks... I still don't know the answer to my question, but I am having fun writing with the added bonus of people other than me reading my material. I also know I have to continuously strive to get better and better.

Al Qaeda - The Hunt for Ali Muhammad and Al Qaeda - The Double Sword were so much fun to write. This Jack Novak series was born from all my crazy dreams as I sleep. I can't count how many times I am running down a steep mountain from a predator or maybe a raging volcano, or shooting bad guys in some dense, hot jungle, or how many high-speed car chases in the middle of some big city with way to many cars on the road I have been in. I am often more tired initially when I wake then when I went to bed from all the insanity!

So, I brought them to life with Jack Novak. I wanted to create a character that was not just some Rambo, but a human being with real problems, issues, dreams, and a life. Initially, the young man is new at the game and still figuring things out as he encounters chaotic and dangerous situations. But as the series progresses, he becomes more methodical, more lethal, one crazy individual, and is always in some sort of calamity with bad guys trying to kill him. I love the action, simply because I get it almost every night! And I have a few more to write hopefully in the near future.

As for my latest ebook, Endless Possibilities, well, check out my video, then click on the photo to read the description of this AMAZING 23 year in-the-making story!!

Outside of the novels, I have written several other smaller pieces. One of them is - 'A Recipe for Permanent Weight Loss .' It is much shorter than the action stories I love to write, but I think the most important as the obesity rate in the world increases. I purposely wrote it differently than most weight loss books. I wanted to teach the reader to understand WHY they are obese before learning how to lose the weight. You have to know the rules before you can play the game. And therefore, it is the PERFECT RECIPE!

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