Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Vampire Huntress Part: Taken by Ashlee Sinn

The Vampire Huntress Part Three: Taken

Ashlee Sinn

Book Description

Ezra has been taken by the vampire who marked Sophia as his own. And the only way to get her mentor back is to give herself over to Sebastian. Forever.

But the rest of her friends believe there must be a better way, especially Viktor and Silas. As the manhunt intensifies, Sophia finds her relationship with Viktor growing stronger. Partners in every sense, Sophia is comforted by the fact that she doesn’t have to be alone. Yet she struggles with the possibility of losing Silas, despite knowing that her life as a hunter is over.

When Viktor gathers a group of shifters and demons to fight by their side, Sophia’s hopefulness increases. Perhaps she can get Ezra back without sacrificing herself. But they’ve all been tricked and the consequences are devastating. The power has shifted out of their control.

And Sophia will never be the same again.


My Thoughts

Holy crap!!! Not only was this completely hot, but it was packed to the brim with action and adventure!!! It was another sizzling installment of this wonderful tale! I sat down to read this and I could not put this book down, I read it in one sitting, I was desperate to find out what happened, I am still dying to find out what happens, so please hurry with the next one, I am dying over here for more!!! If you have not read this series I highly recommend it, this series has everything!
* I received this book in exchange for an honest review, all opinions expressed in this review are my own. I did not receive compensation for this review. 

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