Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cover Reveal for 'His Second Chance' By S.N. Garza

Title: His Second Chance
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Art by: Airicka Phoenix

Coming February 20, 2016

Introductory price at $0.99
Preorder Links below

As a young girl, all Kellan ever wanted was to be herself. Always compared to her perfect older sister, Kellan leaves for college with hopes to be free of condescending parents. When tragedy strikes, and her older sister gets murdered, she’s more ostracized than ever. So she stays away.

Five years and a big blow up with her boyfriend, Kellan returns to Bay Creek. A small Army town in west Texas.

After the tragic loss of his wife, Beckett took every mission he could to avoid his hometown. Letting his family raise his son in his absence. When Kellan shows up, he’s reminded what it feels like to be alive again. Only one thing…he never expected to fall in love again. Not with the sister of his dead wife.

Sparks fly and passion ignites. How could something so wrong, feel so right?

Will his second chance at happiness blow up in his face?

Secrets are uncovered. And the betrayal cuts deep. But love…cuts the deepest.



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