Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dead Perfect Review

Dead Perfect
P.G Shriver
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publishing Date: February 13, 2012
ISBN: 9781469970547
Genre: Paranormal

Book Description:

MEL My lifelong dreams never included falling in love. Graduating top of the class, going to college somewhere far away and starting a life in a place where my alcoholic mother could never find me were the first three goals on my list. Then the unexpected auto accident with Mother, after her regular doses of vodka, altered all of that. With her gone, my life and my perspective changed forever. DAVIS Desperate to find Joanie so I could break free, I returned to my old school. The search led me to her, my Aphrodite, a familiar lost look in her soulful eyes. Fantasies of her forced reasoning from my mind. I had to meet her! Once fallen, would her love for me survive the ghostly secrets haunting us?


My Thoughts:
‘Dead Perfect’ was such a unique read. I really enjoyed the story this book told. ‘Dead Perfect’ totally threw me for a loop at the end. I definitely was expecting a different ending and then what happened was so brilliant and unexpected. I loved the characters so much in this book. It told a very emotional story from two different times.

The only down side I really have about this book is how it jumped from Mel’s point of view to Davis’ without any indication that it was switching. You had to read a few more sentences to realize it had switched. In the beginning of the book it showed two chapters, one labeled Mel and the other Davis, that would have been great if that continued throughout the book, and then it would have been a lot easier to read.

Other than that minor downside I really enjoyed this book. It had a unique theme and that is so refreshing for me because believe me books begin to repeat themselves once you read so many. ‘Dead Perfect’ was a wonderful captivating read and I would highly recommend it.
*I won this book in a giveaway and decided to review it. All opinions are my own. I did not recieve compensation for this review.

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