Monday, January 2, 2012

Some Like It Hot (A-List) Review

Some Like It Hot
A-List Novel # 6
By: Zoey Dean
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Rating: Must read!

In this sixth installment of the A-list the story of the young and rich, Zoey Dean’s focus is mainly on prom. Overall this book is a great read; it has a great plot and wonderful storyline. Each character has his/herown little story happening inside this one. It does start out a little bit slow in the beginning but then it picks up.
In the beginning none of the wonderful A-list really even consider going to prom. They are all so above it. Sam however starts to consider it when Anna stated that she wants to go. Then when Sam finds out about a documentary contest, which would be perfect to showcase her talents. She sets her sights on making prom happen and getting her A-list friends to go.

Anna seems to have it made in this one or so it seems. Ben is home for the summer and they finally settled on an honest relationship. Even better than that Ben is taking her to prom but could this very attractive and very curvy family friend that is living in Ben’s house cause new problems? Who knew perfect Anna had so many insecurities.
There is a new side of Cammie shown in this book as the mystery of her mother’s death unravels slowly. The question is will she take it out on Adam because he’s the one who found the truth?
Dee gets a night pass from Ojai Psychiatric Institute for the prom she’s still an inpatient there   being treated for bi-polar. We see a brand new Dee in this book. Could it really be that Dee is actually normal now?
Dee goes to prom with Ben’s friend from Princeton, Jack and they find they have some scary reality in common. There only issue is how they are going to ditch her chaperone from the institute, Marshall.
After the Bel-Air Grand Hotel burns down thanks to one of our not so good girls. She didn’t do it on purpose and she actually feels guilty for once, which is quit shocking. There is mad panic about getting another venue for prom. Sam steps in and takes over getting her father’s movie set for Ben-Hur. She pretty much saves the day for the prom weenies as she calls them. Only problem is now Eduardo can’t take her to the prom. So she goes with Parker as a friend…or at least that’s what they said.
This book had all the drama and glamour and designer dresses that all the other had. However there wasn’t as much cattiness in this one which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but some readers may miss this. Like I said before it started a bit slow but then it picked right up and I was sucked right into the story. The biggest thing that kept me intrigued was the mystery of Cammie’s mother’s death. Another great scene that will capture everyone is prom prep, when all the girls work together to help one less fortunate girl.
This book is definitely geared toward the high school and early college ages. They will be most definitely intrigued by how these girls live, everyone who loves the Gossip Girl series and The It Girl series will love this book and I must recommend the rest of the book in the A-List series, they are delicious!

A definite must read in the series!

* I purchased this book on my own accord and decided to review it. I was not compensated for this review.

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