Sunday, October 5, 2014

The War Within Book Review

The War Within
Tye Shirelle
Publisher: Self
Publishing Date: August 2, 2014



Book Description

Faced with a heinous betrayal by the person she loves the most, Kira's illness spirals out of control. Lack of treatment surrenders her to reckless behavior and uncontrolled actions. Can she ever forgive Avery for her treachery? Will Avery be able to get passed Kira’s reaction and love her enough to fight to repair the damage their relationship endured? Can they keep their family together?

Mature Readers Only**
Graphic and Explicit Content**


My Thoughts


‘The War Within’ was an intriguing, touching story about love and heartache. Kira, one of the main characters suffers from bi-polar disorder. This story follows Kira during some of her best times. Kira’s mother suffered from bi-polar disorder, which caused a very rocky childhood for Kira. This was a story of love, loss, hardships, betrayal, and suffering.

I thought the book was well written and told a very touching story. I thought Avery and Kira were both interesting characters. However I thought some of the dialogue could use a little work. Some things the characters said were a bit immature and didn’t sound right coming from grown women. Aside from that I thought it was a good story, it had a lot of dynamics when it comes to the characters and how the story moves along.

Kira is ultimately a woman who doesn’t feel like she belongs at all, even though she is surrounded by three people who love her and she had two beautiful children. Kira struggles with her disorder and the daily struggles of life.
Not only was this a good story but it brought awareness to bi-polar disorder. Which is always good, it is always good to be educated about struggles our fellow Americans are going through and to discuss the pre conceived notions about disorders such as this.

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own. I did not receive compensation for this review.

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