Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Damned Book Review

The Damned
L.A. Banks
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
Publishing Date: April 1, 2010
Genre: Paranormal/ Romance


Book Description


Lilith, the consort of the Unnamed One, has released the Damned, tortured souls from all levels of Hell, to walk the streets as the living dead. A dark chaos leaks onto Earth, taking the form of a deadly contagion that not even the Neteru team can handle. One touch from these deadly creatures infects a human, driving him to madness, death…and worse.

This time, Damali Richards, the Vampire Huntress (aka the millennium Neteru), Carlos, and the Guardians cannot effectively close ranks. The infection spreads to key team members and threatens to wipe out the entire squad. Even the Covenant is infected. They must track down the Chairman before members of the Neteru-Guardian team are lost and the team implodes. The only antidote is to behead Lilith. But first they must find her.


My Thoughts

I am such a huge fan of L.A. Banks and all of her books, her writing is amazing. She creates such an amazingly dark paranormal world. ‘The Damned’ is the sixth book in the Vampire Huntress Legend novels and I am hooked. Carlos and Damali are such fierce characters that have been to hell and back, literally, in these books and yet somehow in the sixth installment the story is still fresh and entertaining.

I just think the details and descriptions in this book were phenomenal, I can clearly see everything in my head that she writes. This book really threw all her characters for a loop and I really think that’s a huge part of what keeps it so interesting. This is a series that you want to take the time out to read.

It’s a great book and she is definitely one of my favorite authors and has been for a long time. She never disappoints!

* I bought this book of my own accord and decided to review it. All opinions expressed in this review are my own. I did not receive compensation for this review.

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