Friday, November 2, 2012

What She Knew Review

What She Knew
K.R Hughes, T.L. Burns
Publisher: Gator Creek Artists Entertainment
Publishing Date: March 20, 2012
ISBN: 9780578096858


Book Description:

While many believe that Marilyn Monroe was murdered on that fateful night in August 1962, the real question still remains. What was the actual reason for her demise? Marilyn was a well-loved personality who ran in all the right (or wrong) circles. What could she possibly know that was such a threat to someone that only her death would bring them security? Was it Hollywood and the finishing of the film she'd been fired from and then rehired on? Maybe it was her involvement in Las Vegas with the Rat Pack and mobsters or possibly her association with the Kennedys, especially Patricia and John F. that would lead to the ultimate sacrifice. In 1962, sinister forces were at work plotting to kill America's sex goddess to keep her from divulging deadly information. While mobster Sam Giancana played nice with Frank Sinatra, leader of the Rat Pack and America's favorite crooner. Frank was being equally nice to Peter Lawford, JFK's brother-in-law, in order to enter the political circles that Marilyn already had access too. As this circle was being completed one vital bit of information was passed on that would end the life of Marilyn Monroe or did it? In this 1960's conspiracy story, Marilyn Monroe is saved by Peter Lawford. Bobby Kennedy replaces the real Marilyn with a body double allowing the whole world to think she is dead. Badly beaten and bruised, Marilyn struggles to come to grips with her near death experience and the realization that everything she worked for is gone forever. The actress and sex goddess is dead.


My Thoughts:

                ‘What She Knew’ was a great ‘what if’ story. It was a fiction novel telling a story of what if Marilyn Monroe had lived on that fateful night. What if Peter Lawford and Bobby Kennedy got to her just in time and switched out the bodies with someone off the streets. So that everyone thinks she dead including the ones who tried to kill her, but she’s not and put her into hiding. The book is fast paced after that as they try to unveil the mystery behind who tried to kill Marilyn and who is trying to kill the president.

I really enjoyed this book I'm a huge Marilyn fan and I am usually really harsh on things like this but I was really impressed with this novel. The ladies did their research for sure and are clearly Marilyn admirers as well. The book was well-written, very entertaining and I think it will really have people scratching their heads, wondering what really did happen to our dear Marilyn on that fateful night.

I know I for one do not believe it was a suicide. So this fiction novel was a fun idea to play with. Could you imagine Marilyn still hiding out somewhere, outrageous right? J I loved this book, the plot, and the whole idea behind it. True Marilyn fans will love it and I can't wait to read the sequel.

*I bought this book on my on and decided to review it. All opinions are my own. I did not recieve compensation for this review.

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