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Cold Fire Book Review

Cold Fire


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Book Description

A cold and unfeeling firefighter, Jaxon Good, with little to no regard for his own life takes one more chance and saves a little girl from a burning school. After questions and speculations rise about how and why the fire was started, a reporter, Cassidy Irons, enters his life with a stubborn streak that matches and sometimes overpowers his own. When Cassidy learns what happened to the little girl Jaxon Good saved, Madelyn Ward, her life suddenly becomes in jeopardy. Death threats and one phone call forces Cassidy to rethink her decision to tell Madelyn’s story, but she continues with it against better judgment. It ends up with her kidnapped and Jaxon is the one who saves her, nearly killing himself in the process.

That does not set well with Cassidy.

Animosity for putting his own life in danger stems from Cassidy and they start developing an explosive love/hate relationship, especially when Cassidy doesn’t fall into Jaxon’s arms like every other woman he’s saved throughout the years has. Cassidy challenges him in ways Jaxon is not used to and with the hit man still on the loose, he has no choice except to become her new bodyguard of sorts. Living and sleeping together forces both individuals to swallow their pride and they grow to have a newfound understanding of each other, falling for each other in the process. Jaxon fights it every step of the way, not wanting to feel because then it means he’ll have to face his own dark past and demons. He won’t let Cassidy die either though. Can Jaxon get Cassidy out of his life before she tries to teach him to feel again? Or will Cassidy change him into a person he’s not sure he wants to be?
My Thoughts

‘Cold Fire’ was an amazing story of tragedy; it was a story of love and loss, of deception and betrayal. Overall it was an action-packed adventure that tugged on the heart strings. I loved this book so much, it had me on an emotional rollercoaster, and I cried a total of three times while reading ‘Cold Fire’. Jaden’s character’s jumped off the page, they were so realistic and I found myself transported into their world, helplessly watching them fight against themselves and each other.  Jaden is incredibly talented and tells a captivating story. I assure you, you do not want to miss this hit, this is Jaden’s first novel and I cannot wait for more.

‘Cold Fire’ touched on some really important issues, such as bullying, this has become such an worldwide problem and I see that the more schools campaign against bullying, the more bullying happens. Madelyn’s story is an eye opener and hopefully more parents will pay attention and become aware of the signs of bullying. Bullying should never be taken lightly and should be addressed immediately. Jaden’s novel really shows why it should be taken seriously and I hope that all of you read this book and appreciate the points she is making with Madelyn’s story.

‘Cold Fire’ also deals with the guilt and hardships of one’s own past, I know plenty of us out there harbor deep, dark, pasts but Jax and Cassidy really tell a beautiful story of finally finding that person you can open up to, that soul mate that won’t turn their back on you for anything.

I think Jaden’s writing is amazing, her characters jumps of the pages and into your heart, the plot was brilliant, and Jax is one of those bad boys you just eat up.

I absolutely adored this book and would recommend it to everyone, ‘Cold Fire’ is the total package, it has tragedy, romance, action, mystery, drama, you name it, it is in there. It definitely deserves 5 bats! So what are you waiting for go get your copy now. It is currently available on Amazon or a steal of only $0.99!!!! Get it and tell me your thoughts!

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